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Standard Room in Areca Lodge Pattaya. Room is nice, clean and spacious and is located on the back wing. I paid just over 1000baht per night which includes br…

Thai Lady like russian music, Flipper House Soi7.
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  1. 1965CAPTKIRK says:

    For 1000baht (£22) you can get a lot better then that if you take a walk

  2. bradlez77 says:

    Was that room 2501 by any chance??

  3. Manny Traveller says:

    U’re close. 2301 to be exact.

  4. tom dick says:

    russians destroying pattaya,ignorant,self absorbed ,grumpy twats.

  5. Changnoi12 says:

    the best times are over in Pattaya, I could cry

  6. Changnoi12 says:

    the Thai baht is overvalued against the €, so the British can make ”
    holidays” with the Russians ” together” in Thailand

  7. Sakusen K says:

    what is song name?

  8. Changnoi12 says:

    The fall of the Berlin Wall has not made the world absolutely beautiful and

  9. Changnoi12 says:

    the best times are over in Pattaya , yes I know that !

  10. aaron bull says:

    haha ladyboy LOR

  11. THEHELICOPTER100 says:

    how much 4 hotel ? how much a night and how much a month ?? reply please

  12. Changnoi12 says:

    @THEHELICOPTER100 one night in between 750Bath– 1000B out of seasen weekly
    special 7 night for 5.