Banner Hanging In North Pattaya [Naklua]

Click Here For: I was walking up North Pattaya road in Naklua and I saw this random banner hanging, I just thought it…
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Geoff Carter gets stuck in a bar in thailand.
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3 Comments to “Banner Hanging In North Pattaya [Naklua]”

  1. dougieladd says:

    Mary Poppins ha ha ha ha 🙂 class!

  2. angermang says:

    great show Geoff. Couldn’t think of a nicer place to get stuck. looking
    forward to future up loads.

  3. soi8ball says:

    Your off your bloody nut Geoff i think your been on the yaba a bit to much!
    but you do make me laugh i’ll give you thatt!!