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The Hilton Hotel In Kilmainham
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Image by infomatique
Kilmainham is a suburb of Dublin south of the River Liffey and west of the city centre, in the Dublin 8 postal district.

Kilmainham has a lot to offer and even though it can be claimed that it is very close to the city centre it feels very remote to me. There has been a lot of development in recent years but the quality of many of the newer buildings appears to be low and I would not describe it as being an attractive area to walk around. There also appears to be a lot of unoccupied or not-fully-completed buildings.

Many guides and property sellers describe Kilmainham as being only 15 minutes’ walk from town however it took me 45 minutes to walk from O’Connell Street to the Hilton Hotel (the distance was 2.75 miles).

The area is best known for Royal Hospital Kilmainham, constructed on the site where the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem had their priory in Dublin. It now houses the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Nearby is Kilmainham Gaol, where the executions of the leaders of the Easter Rising took place.

Kilmainham holds one of a small number of Viking era burial sites (Old Norse haugr meaning barrow or mound), within Dublin, others including Bully’s Acre and where College Green is now located.

Angels Walk LA
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Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

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