How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya – Fast, Cheap Bus(2014)

Step-by-step guide on how to get from the Bangkok International Airport to your hotel in Pattaya in just two hours and for only 134 baht. Much cheaper than p…
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25 Comments to “How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya – Fast, Cheap Bus(2014)”

  1. SilentMover95 says:

    What I can do if my flight arrives at DMK airport? 

  2. roughjade83 says:

    Very informative video. Thank you. I would be traveling alone to meet
    friends a day ahead of me from BKK to Pattaya. I’d be using your vid as
    guide. Just want to ask where should I get off in Pattaya if I will be
    staying at LK Metropole? highly appreciate it.

  3. tugaxD23 says:

    Is this the International Suvernabhumi airport?

  4. keithlamontbraggs says:

    It would be useful to make a video like this and how get from Phuket
    airport fast and cheap as well.

  5. Sunsetlover8 says:

    btw, mainland Chinese in fast forward is actually fairly close to real time

  6. Charly471000 says:

    i used the Bus often. Sometimes you have to wait 1 Hour more, because the
    next going Bus is full. Than i go 1 floor up and take a 45 Minutes massage
    at the airport massage (with my Bus-Ticket…only 134 baht is a good price,
    The bus stop in Pattaya at 3 points, north, central and south-pattaya, at
    sukhumvit road, from here you can take a baht-bus to your destination,
    normally some Baht-Bus or Taxi looking for the people who leave the busses
    arriving from Bangkok)
    When you leave at Sukhumvit/Pattaya-Tai (=Pattaya Southroad), you have to
    change the street side. take care, some traffic here, but there´s a
    footwalk bridge over sukhumvit-road, but with a bag and the temperature
    it´s a bit “sporty”.

    Another option is to share a taxi with another person. So it´s only half
    taxi price, and the taxi is going directly to your hotel, or apartment.

  7. DarkprinceCs says:

    I usually dont really care about the extra 4 or 500 extra baht i pay. When
    i get off the plane i just want to get through immigration and get my ass
    in a taxi to Pattaya..

    I usually pay around 1400 or 1500 for a taxi. :)

  8. أبوالشوق كاديلاك says:

    Thank you soo much
    Thank you soo much ^_^

  9. Przemek Pszemko says:

    View on Bangkok
    Elevator ride – Baiyoke Sky Hotel

  10. 3144Dima says:

    Hello, Bad Girl. Maybe you know, how much buy a ticket now, at september

  11. 19bootsy68 says:

    I bet the baht bus cost more than the airport bus?

  12. DarkprinceCs says:

    lol at 1:06 btw….. I thought that lady was in a freacking hurry! But you
    sped the video up ^^

  13. MrChocky67 says:

    did the bus in june, Great ride on my own but met friends in pattaya.will
    do same again in feb 2015 thanks for video

  14. jamali-boy Jamali says:

    Thank you soo much friend i will go to pattay by bus and ur vid is helpfull

  15. Barry Rayson says:

    If you go to the victory monument in bkk you can catch a minibus for around
    150 baht.Obviously you have to share with others but saves a ton of
    cash.the minibuses pick up in jomtien and 2 or 3 places in pattaya.

  16. gerard henry says:

    if you are on a tight budget this is fine but most travellers arent on a
    tight budget and share a taxi like i do but saying all that i would use the
    bus if it came to that.hopefully it wont anyway nice vid for those who use
    this service

  17. Meziana Thai says:

    Hi, very very good video and funny. It helps me.
    Thanks a lot.

  18. Ron Dawwg says:

    Great vid! I’ll be staying on soi 8 sukhumvit road before I head to Pattaya
    – where could I catch this bus from near there please?

  19. Bank Pennyworth Koch says:

    I’m doing a research about Russian people’s intention to Pattaya and how
    does it affect Thailand’s economic. If you have a time, could you do a
    short survey please? Thank you so much for your time.

  20. ub6969 says:

    thank You so much for making the video :)

  21. Keith Hoffman says:

    Outstanding informative video…..thanks!

  22. mashinajoe says:

    Thanks mate. Good to know. But my hotel picks me up for free. When i use to
    pay for a taxi, i allways paid 900 baht, organised before i arrived, driver
    waiting for me. I couldnt be bothered going by bus, too tired after the

  23. ivor nappinion says:

    Good stuff,if u want to go by taxi go to departure floor from arrivals then
    hale an empty taxi that has just dropped off.they won’t refuse a descent
    offer rather than go back empty ;] sept 13 airport taxi 1,600 baht i paid
    900 inc toll roads…liked the vid..

  24. Ron Dawwg says:

    Many thanks for that!

  25. Raj Rivon says:

    Helpfull video