I want to find the best deal on a hotel in Bangkok. Any ideas?

Question by dtthomas12: I want to find the best deal on a hotel in Bangkok. Any ideas?
I will be there May11 to May 25th. I would also like to go to Phuket.

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Answer by szluva
OK, why phuket – i ask becasue I started a journey (that Im still on) at phuket, years ago and it was one of the most disapointing places I’ve been too.
Sure, i have to admit that it was the first place I saw old men “buying/renting” young Thai boys and girls (or any sort of dodgy postitution for that matter) but the place was a bit of a cesspool. If you want to see how tourism can screw up a plce go to Phuket.
I was at Patong beach in the cheapest place I could find (about 800 bhat for a two bed place with air con and tv) but I suppose if you’re in a 5 star restort it wouldn’t matter – its up to what u want. Do you want a cheap (compared to other counrties) 5 star hotel on a beatiful beach in close proximity to a “hooker town” with all the mod cons (inc. Mcdonalds and irish theme pubs) or do you want to see some of Thailand?

Also Phuket is a large island – where in Phuket ? – I suggest you avoid Patong beach (hooker town) and Phuket town

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  1. crocodilexp says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by the “best deal”?

    Cheapest decent hotel:
    Guesthouses on Khao Sarn road ($ 10/night – 400 baht). You can actually find many decent hotels for $ 30/night – 1200 baht. A few times I stayed in a nice small-ish hotel (forgot the name) on Sukhumwit Soi 8 for 700 baht ($ 18.50) — for me, a hotel is just a place to sleep, and not to hang out, your needs may vary.

    If you’re in the “low budget” category, avoid Phuket. For a nice beach, go to Koh Samet (near Rayong — 5 hrs by bus from Bangkok) or Koh Phi Phi (spending a day in Phuket along the way). If you to take a peek at the seedy nightlife go to Pattaya. For hippie fun, Koh Phangan.

    Best value for money:
    Luxury hotels/resorts are very cheap by global standards. I can’t help you choose one, but I know there were deals in e.g. Bayoke Towers (super glitzy, 2nd largest building in Asia — great views) for about $ 80/night. Hotels of the same class can easily cost $ 400+/night in California.

  2. chitipatmanon says:

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  3. saurabh says:

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