I’m going to Pattaya for 2-3 days, need advice?

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Question by : I’m going to Pattaya for 2-3 days, need advice?
I will take a bus from Bangkok, where will it drop me? I heard Soi 8 is a good place to stay and is in the centre of everything, is that correct? Are the bars more costly than Bangkok? What else should I know?
Thanks for the Maps, but I can’t see Pattaya 2nd Road, how is it in comparison with Soi 8?

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Soi 8 area is where all the action is, lots of bars and places to eat out,its not far to the beach road where you can sit and lazy on the beach but take lots of sun cream,it is very hot and humid.

You will find thailand cheap in price for most things,but if you learn to barter even better still.

You will enjoy.
A country i love and miss very much.

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  1. karazyal says:

    If you are taking the bus from Ekamai bus terminal on Sukhumvit Road you can get to that bus terminal by Skytrain. Make sure you get the VIP bus (ticket window right side of terminal) which takes around 2 hours. You want to avoid the 4 or 5 hour slow bus.

    At the Pattaya bus station the mode of transportation is by baht bus. There will be some pick up trucks with seats in them backed up near the drop off point. The price of a ride to Beach Road is 20 baht. Otherwise in Pattaya City the price of a baht bus ride is only 10 baht on baht bus set routes. On Pattaya 2nd Road wave a baht bus over, get in and go north. Push the buzzer – bell switch to stop the truck. Pay 10 baht and walk away. Best to have coins available. To go south get the baht bus on Beach Road, same thing, wave a MOVING baht bus truck over, hop on and push buzzer to get off and pay 10 baht!! When you tell the driver where to go you pay a custom fare.

    Soi 8 is okay but in general there are lots of places to visit all up and down Beach Road and Pattaya 2nd Road. I prefer to stay on Soi Honey Inn but there is nothing wrong with Soi 8. Take the baht bus down to Walking Street or take the 20 minute walk from Soi 8. Lots of bars, restaurants, malls, supermarkets and even movie theaters located near Beach Road and Pattaya 2nd Road.

    Everything is cheaper in Pattaya! Hotels, bars, entertainment, restaurants, transportation, etc. All cheaper than Bangkok and Phuket! Hotels with air, hot water, private toilet, cable TV and maid service will start from around 500 baht on up. Cheaper places are available but a 500 baht place in Pattaya will be at least 800 or more in Bangkok. All you can eat breakfast at the Lek Hotel or the Apex Hotel for 110 baht. Meals are more than just breakfast stuff, it is okay to check the place out. Most of the hotels with A/C in the 400 baht to 1200 baht range are “guest friendly!”

    Good luck.

  2. Gerald J says:

    The bus from Bangkok will drop you off at the bus station in Pattaya on N. Pattaya Rd, which is around 2 km. from Soi 8 and Beach Rd.. From the bus station on N. Pattaya Rd. climb into a songthaew or baht bus that will take you right to the corner of Soi 8 and Beach Rd..
    Most things in Pattaya are cheaper than in Bangkok, if you’ve never been there you won’t believe the number of bars in Pattaya and the competition for business is fierce.
    This map will show the locations of the bus station and Soi 8, just scroll around:

  3. LateNiteMike says:

    All of what’s been posted is good advice. I’d just like to add a few suggestions myself.

    You should be made aware that a new direct bus service has just started up in the past few weeks. They travel back and forth between the (new) airport and Jomtien on an hourly basis. I’m pretty sure the ticket price is 124 baht.
    Jomtien is adjacent to and just south of Pattaya.
    The bus will drop you off at the small bus office (station) on Thappraya road near Thepprasit road and you can easily catch what we call a ‘baht bus’ (a small blue pickup with seats along both sides of the bed of the pickup) to head back over into Pattaya.
    You may find the Soi 8 area a bit noisy in the evenings and into the night, so you may want to get a room somewhere more quiet.

    If you like to chase the ladies then I suggest you check out ‘Pattaya Addicts’ website forum. Lots of good info there. Guests (you) can view all the info.
    As they say here…Up to you !
    Have fun !

    LateNiteMike (Pattaya Addict)

  4. Terry E says:

    The bus will drop you off at the Pattaya bus terminal.

    Soi 8 is a good area but it’s not really the center of everything; if you want the center of everything then stay at P72 Hotel and Bar on Walking Street; it’s centralized to everything and not expensive.

    There are so many places in Pattaya to enjoy your holiday but Walking Street is the most popular and largest area to see many people at once; if you want quieter surroundings, then go south, north or east of it and you’ll find fun but quieter areas in which to party.

    Good Luck and I’ll see you there – I’ll be the drunk guy!