Naklua Street Market. with Geoff Carter

A trip down to Naklua Street Market. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE GEOFFCARTER1212 thanks.
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13 Comments to “Naklua Street Market. with Geoff Carter”

  1. Source Code says:

    I would be impressed if they grilled up some massive hamburgers with
    tripple cheese or pizzas etc. not by salad or dryed insects :)

  2. GEOFF CARTER says:

    cheers mag, more vids on the way soon ! :o)

  3. playnite says:

    fantastic part of pattaya!

  4. mutnutz says:

    Great vid as always where abouts on naklua is the market is it near the
    morning market cheers

  5. ivor nappinion says:

    forgive my french mucka..its been 18 mnth since my last expadition and 1’s
    gettin giddy ! u know the score ;]]

  6. Jonny Fannon says:

    Brilliant videos mate i’ve been watching them for ages. I love Thailand,
    when are you back out there? I’m out there in july could meet up for a few

  7. magcshroom says:

    Awesome video as always, i love learning about Pattaya and especially the
    foods! you have a great style of showing us around keep making videos!

  8. GEOFF CARTER says:

    @1307jonny would love too matey , but i will still be in uk ? :O)

  9. GEOFF CARTER says:

    good lad. I may go soon too !

  10. lavista4u says:

    wow great variety of foods

  11. GEOFF CARTER says:

    naklua strret food market is at the start of the daytime market and end 1
    km away at the bridge at the far end.

  12. ivor nappinion says:

    liked it,bcos uve got the bollox 2 do that guvnor ! 2days 4 me n am off
    mate…4 wots its worth weathers on the up in england ;]

  13. GEOFF CARTER says:

    Whey hey, and so am I !!!! :O)