Pattaya Sexy CARWASH on Motor Show 2014 Central Festival Beach Road

Sexy CARWASH on Motor Show 2014 with a cool slow motion at the end. Have Fun! Metal Detecting Thailand Koh Lipe Pattaya Beach.

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8 Comments to “Pattaya Sexy CARWASH on Motor Show 2014 Central Festival Beach Road”

  1. peter stringer says:

    ha ha lady boys

  2. 郑聪伟 says:

    the song of music??

  3. David Lea says:

    Top thai totty

  4. noam27v says:

    nice video, thanks.
    name of song please ?

  5. Benny Blanco says:

    Constructive criticism here – 1.The girl with the stupid glasses and
    ridiculous Ewok haircut dancing at the beginning really isn’t good looking
    at all, I don’t understand why she’s center stage. 2. Any of the 4
    afterwards are much sexier than her. 3. The dance routine at the start is
    totally unprofessional. 4. Why is there an ugly as shit half dressed
    ladyboy on the stage with guy hair? Nothing against ladyboys but with all
    the beautiful ones in Pattaya, WTF is he doing there??? 5. Pattaya car
    show, if you’re reading this then get your shit together. It seems like the
    performers are wearing and doing whatever they want, much to your
    detriment. 6. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Not Avail says:

    How much for all four?

  7. dime monhat says:

    is looking good