Pattaya to Phuket?

Question by love911: Pattaya to Phuket?
We will be in Thailand in Dec. I was wondering if i should book online for a airflight from Pattaya to Phuket, or will it be easy to get tickets there? Any cheap airlines we should check out, and also where in Pattaya would we go to book a flight for Phuket? Where is the airport located?
We will be leaving from Pattaya, because we will be there for 2 days visiting then off to Phuket and Krabi for 10 days.

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Answer by kenjinuk
you can book with Thai airlines, but why fly when you can go by aircon coach and meet with people? if you brave enuff then go by train to BBk and a flight to Phuket, I know a travel guide in Phuket will help you make all the connections

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  1. spqr_us says:

    Hi again love911.

    Your best bet is to not by online before you go but rather set it up at the counter when you get there. You can also go through a tour broker -or- do it online from your hotel room when you get there.

    Here are several discount carriers that operate in Thailand. I think they all fly this route but not sure about Nok Air. They are good but have limited routes.

    Do not fly Phuket Air as they have been banned from several airports in Europe due to shoddy maintenance.

    I’ve flown all of the above but Nok Air and I won’t fly Phuket Air.

    Tickets are cheap and having an advance fare will not save you muich if anything. i usually fly the same day and the prices are great. Air Asia is a bit picky on baggage weight so make sure you check. Bangkok Air is nice and I fly them a lot but they charge more.

    Thai Airlines is great and usually offers service on this route but generally they are very expensive compared to the rest. The tour brokers will steer you to Thai Air since that’s where they get the best commission. If you suggest Air Asia or One two Go Air then they will search that too.

    Good Luck!

  2. African Farmer says:

    In my opinion, you should skip Pattaya. Go straight to Krabi, visit Phuket from there.

  3. sammy r says:

    Well it depends on what you’re looking for. Pattaya is not that great of place in my opinion. It’s sort of seedy and not too scenic.

    Phuket on the other hand has some very pretty areas as well as the night life. I think you would be better suited to just go there.

    As far as flights go, make sure you check with this discount airlines. Nok Air, Air Asia, and such. They are much cheaper than Thai air.

    Good luck, and be safe.