Pattaya vs Phuket…but listen plz?

Question by Marcio: Pattaya vs Phuket…but listen plz?
i need help deciding where to go..but i dont like the beaches in pattaya..i like patong beach better.
but the nightlife in pattaya is better than phuket. im mostly thinking about going to phuket but i need to know the pluses and minus

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Answer by khunB
Why stress yourself out?

Go to Pattaya to do the nightlife and since you miss Phuket so much go to Phuket for a while after you partied your behind off.

You could, of course do it the other way around.

It’s a holiday, right? No stress. Don’t make any plans.

All that planning is out the window once you are in Thailand anyways.
You don’t really need to book a hotel in advance.

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5 Comments to “Pattaya vs Phuket…but listen plz?”

  1. Sr says:

    you looking for a nice beach go to Phuket

    you looking for a nice bitch go to Pattaya

  2. spanky says:

    geez, this sounds like your decision to me – you know both scenes –

    why don’t you go to pattaya a grab a couple of beauties and take them both with you to koh Samed for a couple of days – or koh chang –

    or maybe you don’t want any new ideas to complicate things – but htis question sounds more like chocolate or vanilla to me – whats your mood?

  3. karazyal says:

    Pattaya will be cheaper than Phuket. If money is an issue then stay in Pattaya and use hotel pools! Transportation in Phuket stinks, in Pattaya it is 10 baht!

    If money is no object then visit Phuket. For Pattaya, besides Jomtien Beach and Wong Amat Beach, you can also visit Koh Larn. Ferry ride to Koh Larn is only 30 baht from the Bali Hai pier on Walking

    Good luck.

  4. Bot 23 says:

    You asked this same question 2 weeks ago.;_ylt=Au3PkYxR2SWWyCNEKE2n9Pnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100122222533AAGh63j

    Here’s what you do if you are set on Phuket, stop by Pattaya for 2-3 days, get the girl that is best for you and take her with you to Phuket for a week. After the week is up come back to Pattaya and have more fun till you go home (there are only so many days you can lay around Patong beach before you start getting bored).

  5. scottie322 says:

    You need to travel different place not go back to rip off Phuket.
    Any beach is better than central Pattaya beach but North beach and Jointeim Beach are nice beaches and Pattaya is not that big.
    There is no Plus about Phuket – go to Ao Nang, Krabi or Chaweng Beach Samui, or stick to Pattaya if its nightlife you want.