Q&A: Please maybe somebody can plan for me 10 day trip in Bangkok?

Question by indrem: Please maybe somebody can plan for me 10 day trip in Bangkok?
Hey guys I read a lot of questions and answers about Thailand trip, but I still don’t know what to do there.We’re planning to go there November 09 for our anniversary and stay there 10 days. For sure explore Bangkok for couple of days,shopping, see the best places there and my hubby wants to spend some time at the beach, snorkeling, safari, but as I understand the distance is far from each other, maybe there is any other way to reach those places without flying? Cause the airplane tickets will be from LA to Bangkok and back to LA will be from Bangkok. I would love to have somebody put all days one by one if anybody was already there and had same wishes, cause I contacted agencies that sell those trips, they just ask you if you ready to purchase :). And the other question would be if you have to get any shots from diseases before you go there(that was my moms idea). Thank You so much.

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Answer by abigwhtman2000
You can do it, but you will be cramming 10lbs into a 5lbs bag so to speak. Once you land do about 4 days in BKK, go back to the airport and hop a flight to either Phuket or Koh Samui for 4 days. You can go to Pattaya by car, but be ready, it is the red light beach so to speak ( I love it, but I’m single).

You need a good 2 weeks to do it properly, can you get 14 days? Bangkok has a lot to see, all the temples, floating market etc… Phuket has the Phi Phi islands, where the filmed beaches with Leonardo Dicaprio as well as monkey island and James Bond island. To play it safe, use your travel agency in your hotel you are staying at. You can use the agencys on the street, they are a bit more dodgy.

Read read read and use the web. I stay here as it is in the center of everything http://www.grandpresident.com/ close to the BTS and all the BIG malls. Feel free to contact me directly for more info.

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  1. spanky says:

    nobody can plan a day by day itinerary withot knowing you really well – IN Bkk there are many many travel agents even in your hotel likely will be books loaded with day trips and pictures of what to do – you can do that for 3 days – then fly to a beach – Phuket, Samui, Krabi – and repeat the process above… have fun..

  2. Sr says:

    For the hubby:

    5 days nana and soi cowboy in Bangkok, stay nana hotel

    5 days Pattaya, stay Lek hotel

    catch up with your hubby at the airport on the return

  3. tonio H says:

    To make your life easier, there is a forum where some have come up with iteniraries. Check out this site http://www.siampinoy.net go to their forum.