Secrets Service at Secrets Hotel, Soi 14 Walking Street, Pattaya Thailand

Secrets Hotel, Soi 14 Walking Street Pattaya is a great little botique hotel located right in the heart of the Pattaya nightlife district. In this episode i …

Maybe I’m in Paradise.
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7 Comments to “Secrets Service at Secrets Hotel, Soi 14 Walking Street, Pattaya Thailand”

  1. Dead Farang says:
  2. Huevonious Maximus says:

    I hope you didn’t get them in trouble. Did they know you were filming? one
    thing I find so amusing ( and like) about Thai women, is how playful they
    are. I don’t know if that is just with tourist in order to get tips or they
    are just as friendly and easy going all the time? I have looked into going
    to Secrets, it was recommended by another traveler. How is their policy
    regarding bringing in “guests”? You mention is in a good location, does
    this means may be sort of noisy?

  3. Dead Farang says:

    Secrets Service @ Secrets Hotel, Soi 14 Walking Street, Pattaya Thailand.

  4. Random Cool Videos says:

    What hotel you staying at, “Secrets”.

  5. Jonny MacGinty says:

    Funny shit, i wrestle with the voice in my head when a Thai woman is
    talking too ‘No ya didn’t no don’t’ etc lol it’s healthy but on the other
    hand i excuse some of it for the fact that they don’t get any handouts over
    there, are you there and all mate or is this an old one? and if yeah how
    long for?

  6. My Fitness Plan says:

    Do they have a safe for your valuable belongings at this hotel.

  7. ceodo612 says:

    Funny they talking about giving you the same old dirty sheets you boom boom
    on the night before! Lol