sheraton hotel in Bahamas?

Question by iAMtooPOSH: sheraton hotel in Bahamas?
if you have stayed at the sheraton hotel in our lucaya, how was your experiences? good?bad? food? thanks!

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Answer by Willy B
Stayed there just after Sheraton bought it and stayed in the old section of the hotel, just across the street from The Lucaya Marketplace. My son loved it. I know they have remodeled since we we there in 2003, so it should be even better! We have stayed there twice now and both times we loved it. The beach out the back is fantastic and the short walk to the marketplace makes it easy to see. The food was fantastic. We got some “deal” that they were doing that made it all-inclusive…I don’t know if they still do that…but we ate there for breakfast and lunch and did the local places in the marketplace for dinner. I have stayed in many Sheraton properties around the world and have never had a problem with any of them! Go, relax, and ENJOY!

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