SWIMMING LUXURY IN PATTAYA – The Zign Hotel Pattaya Thailand

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25 Comments to “SWIMMING LUXURY IN PATTAYA – The Zign Hotel Pattaya Thailand”

  1. Stirwood2 says:

    Anybody else think Archie is playing us? Seems like he has plenty of money,
    and his family life is a lot better then he leads on. He plays the dirty
    low life for ratings, me thinks.

  2. Andrew Mcmanus says:

    Archie shit the pool again

  3. nick kennerley says:

    archie left a layer of scum on the water
    no wonder the chinks stay away and bathe in their own shit

  5. Goh Tee We says:

    How sweet, Archie learns how to swim by getting FAT. Nice one Archie !

  6. Apollo Prospector says:

    Archie you get wet you get wet?

  7. stevo728822 says:

    those mossies must like sucking on aussie flab

  8. Peter Kolb says:

    a lot of Vicious fuckas out there … They all FUCK right OFF !!!!

  9. giveitbackNOW2 says:

    ArchIe that was NASTY!!!

  10. Ahmed Attar says:

    It is strange to see some resorts opening the pool for hippos!!

  11. Salamander6666 says:

    When this zero approaches the pool, the Thais sound the orca alarm. Go
    drown some more shellfish in butter; you’re a week away from a D-cup,

  12. Mr Zuchinnibrain says:

    If they didn’t over chlorinate the pool how the fuck do you think it would
    cope with a fat fuck bondi cigar like you getting in?? A household pet uses
    up the entire chlorine content of a domestic pool in 15 mins. With your
    surface area an Olympic sized pool would be fucked up the arse in 3

  13. Peter Kolb says:

    Zine hotel ? … 4 x 2’s everywhere pal

  14. BleedingBullets4U says:

    You were pissing and sweating scotch into the pool they raised the chlorine
    level because they knew you were coming.

  15. Russel trang says:

    Tell us what you really think ACIII….

  16. nick kennerley says:

    floating like a turd ad eyeing up young boys just like a belgian sex

  17. jenniferjanef says:

    Archie you nasty vicious racist cunt! Good vid thou.. Hehehe

  18. john g says:

    look out – whale in the water

  19. opiewontaylor says:

    Haven’t these slopes ever heard of indoor pools? An outside pool is not

  20. Oliver B says:

    Isn’t this footage of shamoo at sea world?

  21. Neal Wade Schmidt says:

    Fuck archie, I can show you places for 600 baht a night that are nicer!!
    what the fuck over are you doing man?? and Fuck archie, get your ass on a
    ferry and go to the islands, takes 40 minutes by ferry, 15 by boat…I hope
    your subscribers tell me…what the nasty miserable fuckers think of that!!

  22. fmanuferro says:

    holy shit! there’s a manatee in the pool!

  23. IntotheFire says:

    What a disaster of a holiday Archiballs! I haven`t seen one decent chick
    worth a trip going over for! DISASTER!!!!!!!!

  24. Fiddle Leaf says:

    That’s why I don’t swim with scrubs. My own pool or one of my cousins’
    pools. I don’t swim with pissing peasants.

  25. jimcunningham61 says:

    I cant believe he went to pattaya and never did a video on walking street ,
    or soi 6 were many bars are