thialand for good time?

Question by nico: thialand for good time?
which beach would be best to stay at?
patong? four lads lookin for nitelife!
can anyone advise me average price for
accomadation for phuket, bangkok and pattaya?

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Answer by lestermount
The beach is better at Phuket, the nightlife is better at Bangkok or Pattaya.
The beach is not good at Pattaya, and there is no beach at Bangkok.

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  1. karazyal says:

    Phuket will be more expensive than Pattaya but it does have a better beach. You have to fly or take a long bus ride to get to Phuket too!

    Pattaya is around 2 hours from Bangkok (Ekamai bus station, off Sukhumvit Road.) Price for the ride is around 123 baht for the VIP bus ride.

    Beach in Pattaya is good for sunbathing, shopping, malls, bars and restaurants but no good for swimming. There are jet skis you can rent but nearby Jomtien Beach is much better for swimming. Baht bus ride to Jomtien is 20 baht.

    Nightlife and party time is much better in Pattaya than Phuket. Local transportation is only 10 baht for baht bus rides. Hotels are cheaper than Phuket or Bangkok. Several new malls, three movie theaters, good supermarkets, lots of street vendors and plenty of bars!

    A room with air, hot water, TV, maid service, security box and private toilet will start around 500 baht. Some places a little cheaper, most in the 500 baht to 1000 baht range. There are luxury hotels if you want them at over 4000 baht per night too!

    For Pattaya get a hotel near Pattaya 2nd Road so you can walk or take the baht bus easily. If you need hotel recommendations mention your price range. Hotel prices go up a little for high season.


  2. TonyB says:

    You say things like “good time”, “four lads”, “lookin for nitelife”.

    Pattaya is probably your type of town, lots of fun there for “4 lads”.

    The beach there is not very good but it’s not too far from other, better, beaches. Hire yourself some bikes or a car & driver and go visit the other beaches during the day.

  3. Grumpy old man says:

    Pattaya‘s beach isn’t good, but Jomthien is better. Or a ferry ride to Koh Lan (45 minutes) and then go to back side of island and you have a wonderful beach at Samae Beach. (20 baht each way for ferry). The gay beach is Dong Tang, just north of Jomthien beach, south of the Pattaya Tower, but the whole area is mixed and no one is harassed.

    Accomodation from 500 baht per night on up in Pattaya (Apex Hotel to Avalon Beach Resort) every price range inbetween. Avalon beach is about 3500 baht, but REALLY great, even better than many higher priced places, it is on Dong Tang Beach.

  4. Jeff says:

    For beach,I recomend Patong Beach and Kata Beach.
    The expense in phuket is higher than bankok. Beacuse phuket is island everything comes form the main land !

    For nightlife, I recomend Pattaya (Chonburi province around 2 hours from Bangkok) but the beach is very dirty and poor.

    In Bangkok nightlife is Patpong and Khaosarn Road

    You can have a look the price of hotel in this link ;


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  5. soldierofglory36 says:

    It is based on 14 dayz……..i think u must get atleast 14.i assime abt 4 persons….also these rates r for low season only.if u r traveling in high season.then just multipley it by 2 or 2.5 times………….n itz all from my personal experiences………n I think this answers all your question abt Thailand…….


    Thing to see on day 1(on day 2 exactly)
    Grand palace
    Wat po
    Wat arun
    Vnamek mansion

    These all can be covered on the second day easily.stay the first nite at khaosan road n rest of the day long.u can get hotels there easily.u can get to n book your hotel online.will suggest u sawasdee krungthep in.u abt 1500 bhats for all of u will be reasonable…book online from the site n don,t worry.itz safe. To do so.u can also book it for the second nite too.

    On day 3…go for safari world n marine park i m sure u will love it.specially kids will really enjoy it.itz all abt animal shows n a lot of animals………it will be 850 bhats from any travel agent.available at khaosan rd.i know many near democracy monument or soi rambutri…it will surely fulfill your animal will require a whole day.staying for the third nite on khaosan rd is a good option too as buses for phuket leave from khaosan rd……
    The fourth day can be used as some relaxing time or u can even get some dose of spicy thai food or even go for floating market tour for 250 per head but remember to be at khaosan rd before something around 2 pm to catch the bus…..don,t shop for anything at khaosan rd.i mean not even some clothes………
    Sawasdee hotels r on soi rambutri…………the major landmark there is hotel (o Bangkok).but the airport guyz will help u.
    Take a bus to phuket as it will save your money In 3 wayz…

    The rent of hotel for the nite as your nite goes in bus travel
    Transfers from airport………
    Useless expenditure on airtravel.
    Also u get to see two movies!!!!!on the way……

    U will get a bus per person for abt 450 to 500 bhats…..maybe 600 now coz of rising gas prices….

    Airport to khaosan rd….350 per taxi
    Khaosan rd to vinamek mansion…..30 bhats per tuk tuk
    U can walk to major temples………

    Well remember to be in somewhat like a jeans while going to temples n all those religious places……girls.dress moderately……..coz then u may have to redress……………..


    Phuket is a gr8 destination if u wish to expeiance the best of seas.i think 4 nites would do good.

    U will arrive in phuket at 9 am so the best way is to get your hotel booked……if u wish u can go to a travel agent n say that u wish to stay in le tong hotel which will be around 750 per room thatz makes 1500 bhats for all of u.itz a good hotel n in a safe area.if u wish to get there directly,head to patong kalim rd n itz just 400 m towards kalim from rock city,a pub,just next to police box…………….

    Day 1
    I would say that u go to kata n karon beach n patong one too for the day when u will arrive.well if u got guts.then go for kata beach by bus from novotel n then just walk the way back……arnd 22 kms…..if u can,t then u got to pay 400 bhats……….to tuk tuk driver……will suggest u to walk coz itz beautiful the way that goes through green forests n all…..

    Day 2
    I would say that u go for khai island tour.for 600 bhats at any travel agent…….itz good one n got lots of snokrelling n stuff…………..take a lot of sunscreen with u!!!

    Day 3
    I would highly recomment u phi phi,maya bay tour.abt 1400 bhats……itz awesome……

    Day 4
    James bond island tour……itz really awesome…………

    Day 5.
    Vist kalim beach till your bus will pick u up from the will be there by 1 so stay in time.the bus to Bangkok is abt 650 bhats….don,t know why it is more expensive………coz itz 400 while coming from Bangkok!!!

    As u arrive in Bangkok,just take a bus to pattaya which leaves from ekamia which will be around 200 bhats from your bus stop……… i.e khao san rd
    Bus form ekamai to pattya=128 bhats.
    Day 1
    Head to pattya beach n jometin beach n stay in pattya at any motel.i would recommend u sawasdee sea view.u can book that online too…………itz not a really good place for girls…but if u got some real men to escort u through,then itz safe too……

    Day 2
    Go to koh larn n stay there for the nite.
    Itz a island which will take 20 bhats ferry from the pier
    Itz worth a experience staying there on a island for a nite.dont miss it…..

    Day 3
    Nong nooch village.
    Ripley measuem

    Day 4
    Leave for Bangkok.

    Bangkok again

    Now as u arrive from pattya at ekamai,take a taxi to patunam.itz a great place for shopping.i would say u should stay at amari Watergate,near baiyoke sky hoel .
    Shop from the streets or big c or mbkBangkok will attract u like a magnet so I would say that 3 dayz will do good for shopping n sighseeing.

    As u shop,also go for a vist to siam ocean world………….near siam paragon…..
    Also u can go to jim Thompson house……………

    Some tips

    *Avoid taking a tuk tuk

    *Never leave

  6. KRISS says:

    Phuket is most expensive but still recommended because you can see nice beach and a lot of entertainment things… need map ? try this site hope it would help you something… have a nice day

  7. tanvir_az says:

    If u r looking for nightlife and specially for “four lads”, it doesn’t get better than Pattaya. The beaches are dirty but once the sun goes down, the sois as well as the walking road along the beach turn to be the best nightlife u can ever have in Asia. Phuket is for sightseeing, clean beaches and best if u r on a honeymoon, definitely not the nightlife!

    Accommodation in Bangkok or Pattaya can vary greatly according to your preference. Since “good time” is your first need, try staying at Silom, Siam or Sukhumvit. Price can be from 800 baht to 1800 baht for a good double room at a hotel close to the Skytrain.

    Pattaya hotels are cheaper if u look for them inside the city than infront of the beach. price can be from 700baht to 1500baht. But, I’d really suggest to stay at the Jomtien beach, which is cleaner, quieter and has better hotels and watersports. Price from 800 to 1800 bahts. the best part is: Jomtien beach is just a 20baht ride away from the central nightlife.

    In Phuket, Patong is the central of all the night fun. But for staying u should probably choose other beaches. Who wants to play all night with people screaming outside your hotel?