Where would you like beach trip or mountain trip in Thailand?

Question by A2trips.com: Where would you like beach trip or mountain trip in Thailand?
I will recommend to my friends about some place for relaxing.
Woow..!! The Thailand’s beach it’s interesting but i know monsoon in Thailand comming soon. T_T!!

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Answer by humm…
beach is better in thailand.
may be it just me, i enjoy thailand beach more than mountains.

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  1. James B says:

    Beaches I would recommend Ko Lanta, Phi Phi is nice but congested with tourists. Koh Chang is a nice alternative to the over developed islands of Phuket and Samui.

    Krabi is nice, as only one beach (Ao Nang) is developed enough to support tourists.

    Mountains… Pai. That is all you need to know. Quite possible the outskirts of Pai has the best scenery in all Thailand. The town of Pai itself has its own appeal, but it is like Kao San Road 10 years ago and 10 times the size.

    But, the surrounding area is simply magnificent.

  2. Chaba says:

    i love thailand beaches. especially the islands in the south. have a good trip! 🙂

  3. James J says:

    I like the beaches in and around Hua Hin, Cha Am and Dolphin Bay.

  4. horseloverNwhisperer says:

    they are both nice! where are you planning to go? there are good beaches in krabi, phuket, phi phi, hat yai but you have to take a plane because its very far from bangkok but down there, there are good snorkeling places too. hua hin has a nice beach too but you have to be careful there, in the ocean there are sea gaps or sea cliffs and occasionaly whirlpools. u can drive there or take a plane, from bkk to hua hin by plane takes a hour. driving takes about 4 hours or less from bkk. koh chang is a very nice island! there are good hotels and great beaches! u can snorkel nd go diving or take a boat to cambodia. take a boat to koh kood(one of the near islands). pattaya‘s beach is ok…fun for parasailing, jet skiing, wake boarding, etc. koh samet is one of the peaceful islands with pretty beaches. the beach is chantaburi is very nice, its like pattaya but peacefuler.

    there are several mountains that are very nice to go to! there is one good for hiking in prachuab kiri khan, there are stairs and monkeys! so beware! on top there is a temple nd u can see the whole town from up there! khao ta kiep is in the outskirts of hua hin, u can take a car up there, on top there is those view points nd u can see the everything! in the countryside of hua hin there is pala-u. on the way there, its very beautiful!!!!!!!! the scenery is spectacular!!!! green grass, green mountains, big fields, etc! nd wen u get to pala-u, there is a waterfall too! very beautiful place!!! u can take a car in to the place because its a long trip getting there. khao chamao is in rayong and u can hike threw the mountains nd there is also a waterfall. khao yai is very big! u can go on a night safari too! u can also camp out in the mountains! chang mai has alot of mountains and u can also go to the highest point of thailand. i hope this helps you!

  5. Reslee says:

    Agrred with JAmes B.
    I was working with my father resort(god father) on ko lanta for few years.

    Ko lanta is very nice and relaxing,tho they have time to time party somewhere. go deeper the deeper the nicer the beaches are.

    Morsoon with finish at ends of september…..if you go before that go to moutain because when it rains you smell great ground smell there 🙂
    Go to long beach ,KAntieng bay or bamboobay (my work place 🙂 ) OH….Klong JAk is very nice too. in ko lanta you will find green flosforensense at night sooooo beautiful.

    You can find shrooms haha my favs. anyway im in holland now so anyway….

    if you are a party kind go to ko PP. Andaman sea side is a lot more beatiful than Thai gulf except for KO tao ..the sea is beautiful there too.

    Mountain just like James B said ..Pai is somewhere fun and peaceful you will find combination of races there…also again Shorroms!! hahaha sorry im crazy but anyway

    if you go to Pai kake sure you go to bobby bar it’s great there too 🙂

    Ps..If you have money ansd time….Go to Ko lipe……
    it’s expensive a bit but im sure you will fall in love with it ..it’s my paradise…and within 2 years if you come back i might be opening small guest house with rasta beach bar there 🙂

  6. visualthailand says:

    See100’s of current 2008 Thailand photos of the mountains and beaches at http://www.visualthailand.com

    Show your friends, they will know right away what they want to see.

  7. IceCube says:

    Moonsoon is here now! But it only rains for a couple of hours at a time. People says about a big flood next month, but it would only affect Bangkok.
    If you fear these, mountain would be good. Khao Yai is a great place, it’s a national park with wild animal like tigers, deers, monkeys and elephants.
    I would avoid islands though, only if they’re very big like Phuket or Samui where you can fly there, which if you still you can enjoy it even in the mid of rainy season as it doesn’t rain the whole day everyday. Enjoy.

  8. Anavat K says:

    I’d recommend Phi phi islands for your beach trip http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Phi%20Phi%20Islands%20hotels.html

    These Islands are amazing both above and below the water. The movie the beach was filmed in Maya bay on Phi, Phi Ley. The main point of my trip there was to scuba dive but there way lots over other things to do on the island. The only down side is that it has gotten more developed in the past few year, But still worth the trip.
    the best advice I can give is dont do day tours; they all go to the same places at the same time, so of course it is always crowded. Take a little time and make a little effort. Hire long tails, visit Nui Bay, Run Tee Beach, Bamboo and Mosquito Islands. You will be well rewarded. And of course dont miss out on the diving. It is some of the best in Thailand.

    for mountain trip, visit Mae Hong Song !! http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Mae%20Hong%20Son%20%20hotels.html

    have a nice trip.

  9. Niki says:

    Pattaya is changing and is now a very nice place to base yourself while in thailand.

    There alot of tours and trips that can show you various things about Thai culture, there are also some amazing virtually deserted islands near Pattaya.