Would you recommend prebooking(30days in advance) your accomdation in Thailand or just walk in on the day?

Question by Bronwen: Would you recommend prebooking(30days in advance) your accomdation in Thailand or just walk in on the day?
HI, I am trying to determine if I will save more byprebooking accomdation now for my Thailand holiday, or if it will be best to just do it day by day

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Answer by gbdelta1954
Prebooking is usually best. The hotels or the consolidators or discounters renew each November 1st so the new rates have been posted. If the hotel is very popular you will have to reserve it a month in advance. Because of the unrest, tourism is slow. I just booked my hotel in Bangkok for 11/21-28 without a problem.

If you visiting Phuket you should book in advance during the months of December to March because of the snow birds visiting.

Pattaya, look for discounts at all times. ‘Stay 3 get one day free etc.

Bangkok, some hotels are discounting.

I would use a search engine as guidance like www.kayak.com
in general I have been happy with the rates that www.sawadee.com has, slightly cheaper than www.agoda.com and easier to use.

Others have had success in walk ins but, I don’t like the uncertainty and I don’t want to drag a bag around town.

Good luck

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6 Comments to “Would you recommend prebooking(30days in advance) your accomdation in Thailand or just walk in on the day?”

  1. ,., says:

    If you are coming during the high season 1 Nov to 1 May it would be better if you book in advance. You will get a better rate than walk in. However, that being said there are small guest houses who do not have website that you can just walk in. Best to book at least a few nights and then you can look around. But internet rates are usually better then walk in rate.

  2. gordon k says:

    I would book the first day or so in, that time have a look as some hotels with your own eyes.
    I find that the best way to go ,there is plenty to choose from .

  3. Gerald J says:

    If you’re coming during the high tourist season, it’s best to book ahead. Not just for a better rate, but to get a room at all at the hotel of your choice. It’s usually fairly easy to find a room in Bangkok, but the beach area hotels can fill up and your choices can be limited if you don’t book ahead of time.

    The high season has just started here and I’ve been trying to book a room at one of the beach areas for next weekend, all of the hotels that I wanted to stay at are fully booked. There are hotels available, but none of them are my preferred choices.

    Agoda.com, Sawadee.com, Hoteltravel.com, Asia Web Direct and others are all good and trusted websites to use.

  4. mgan says:

    Walk-in prices might be cheaper, but then you may spend your vacation looking for a room. Spend the extra money and have peace of mind that you actually have a place to stay.

  5. Chai Chan says:

    Good reasons to book in advance : Easy to choose from many hotel review on internet and not so tired. The price is more cheaper than walk in.

    Good reasons to walk in : See the real hotel by your own eyes, the ads pics can not lie you.

  6. football fan in afghanistan says:

    When I took my wife to Thailand last year we just went to a hotel/resort and checked in. But again it was during the off/rainy season and maybe just 5 people in the whole resort. I paid for one night in Phuket and then we stayed the next five nights there due to liking it. I would recommend doing it in advance, but the off season is very slow so it doesn’t hurt to go around looking for one you like. Now if you go to Phi Phi Island, you will need to do it online, for sure.